Historical Research Report

The Life and Work of Edmund H. Harding

Wilson Angley
February 1980

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Table of Contents

The Life of Edmund H. Harding - 1 -23 (PDF)
The Work of Edmund Harding and the Restoration of Historic Bath - 24 -63 (PDF)
Footnotes - 64 -75 (PDF)
Bibliography 76-78 (PDF)


Appendix A - Appointment of Edmund Harding to a committee to form the Beaufort County Historical Society (1955)
Appendix B - Proclamation by Governor Luther H. Hodges for the celebration of Bath's 250th anniversary (1955)
Appendix C - Selections of the printed program for "Queen Anne's Bell" (1955)
Appendix D - Final account of receipts and expenses relating to Bath's 250th anniversary celebration
Appendix E - Membership of the Historic Bath Commission and the Chairman's Committee of Fifty in 1960
Appendix F - Announcement of the opening of the Palmer-Marsh and Bonner houses in 1962
Appendix G - Edmund Harding's speaking engagements in 1965

Exhibits and Photographs

A. Advertisement of 1918 for the Washington Horse Exchange
B. Advertisement of 1933 for William Bragaw and Company
C. Edmund Harding at the keyboard - and illustration by Henry Boltinoff in Carl Goerch's Characters...Always Character's (1945)
D. Edmund Harding's appointment as a member of the commission to celebrate Bath's 250th anniversary
E. Edmund Harding's father, the Rev. Nathaniel Harding
F. Edmund Harding as the town crier in "Queen Anne's Bell" (1955)
G. Governor Luther H. Hodges as Governor Charles Eden in "Queen Anne's Bell" (1955)
H. View of the audience for "Queen Anne's Bell" (1955)
I. Group attired in colonial costumes near the former site of the Van der Veer House
J. Edmund Harding accepts an award on Edmund Harding Day, 6 May 1966
K. Sculpture of Edmund Harding displayed in Washington on Edmund Harding Day, 6 May 1966
L. Edmund Harding as Uncle Sam
M. Edmund Harding during a speech in 1957
N. Edmund Harding poses beside a statue of Will Rogers
O. Edmund Harding in 1945 - Missing
P. Edmund Harding in 1954


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