Historical Research Report

A History of St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Bath, North Carolina

Volume II


Appendix A - Catalogue of the Layman's Library of St. Thomas Parish (1700)
Appendix B - Catalogue of the Parochial Library of St. Thomas parish (1700)
Appendix C - Catalogue of the Layman's Library for the Albemarle Settlement (1700)
Appendix D - Act of 1715 Concerning the Town of Bath and the Library of St. Thomas Parish
Appendix E - Catalogue of Books for Proposed Edenton Library (1723)
Appendix F - 1736 Costs for Construction at St. Pauls, Edenton
Appendix G - Statistical Information on the Counties and Parishes of North Carolina in 1767
Appendix H - Known Burials at St. Thomas, Bath, 1734 - 1978
Appendix I - A Roster of Known Rectors, Missionaries, and lay Readers at St. Thomas, Bath, 1734-1975
Appendix J - Membership Figures for St. Thomas, Bath, 1825-1975


Exhibit A - Sauthier Map of Bath in 1769
Exhibit B - Plan of Bath in 1766 (Revised in 1807)
Exhibit C - Another version of Proceeding Plan of Bath Showing the Lot Owners as of 1717
Exhibit D - 1837 Survey of Bath Area, Indicating "gleeb Land" to the West of Bath Creek
Exhibit E - 1966 Survey and Map of St. Thomas Church Property
Exhibit F - Title Page of only Volume Known to Survive from the St. Thomas Library
Exhibit G - Early, undated Photograph of St. Thomas - Possibly Taken in 1870"s
Exhibit H - St. Thomas Church in 1892
Exhibit I - St. Thomas Church in 1907
Exhibit J - St. Thomas Church in Early 1920's
Exhibit K - St. Thomas Church in 1924
Exhibit L - St. Thomas Church and Grounds in 1927
Exhibit M - St. Thomas Church in Mid to Late 1920's
Exhibit N - Interior of St Thomas Church in 1924
Exhibit O - Chancel Area in 1924
Exhibit P - Interior of St. Thomas in 1946
Exhibit Q - St. Thomas Church in 1955
Exhibit R - St. Thomas Church in 1977