Stowe's Cleaning-Dyeing

Stowe's Cleaning-Dyeing
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Stowe's Cleaning and Dyeing grew into one of the most extensive dry cleaning businesses in eastern Carolina. Ben D. Stowe was the owner and manager. Stowe's was known far and wide for the excellence of their work and the prompt, courteous service they extended. Altering and repairing, also tailoring, were a part of the services extended. Six Hoffman pressing machines were used. A pleating machine, also hat blocking and cleaning equipment, had been installed. The cleaning plant was in fireproof quarters to the back of the plant. All garments were insured from the time they passed into the cleaners' hands until returned. Twelve people were employed at Stowe's.
This photo image was taken from the Special Rotogravure Section featuring the First City to Bear the Name of Washington in the Washington Daily News.