Local Presbyterians Were Organized 129 Years Ago

Local Presbyterians Were Organized 129 Years Ago

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Local Presbyterians Were Organized 129 Years Ago (PDF)
First Church Has Had Hard Struggle For Existence During Long History

On August 7, 1824, the corner stone of the First Presbyterian church building was laid by Rev. Lemuel D. Hatch of New Bern. The first church building on the present site, four years in construction, was destined to survive only four decades. Federal troops took possession of the town in May, 1862, burning the building when they left. In the spring of 1866, with some help from the Presbytery, the congregation was enabled to call the Rev. P.H. Dalton, who did a great work in uniting and building up the congregation. It was during his pastorate that the present building was erected. The corner stone was laid May 28, 1867. The church was dedicated on Friday, February 24, 1871. "The present building stands as a monument to the fidelity and sacrificial devotion of a small but consecrated congregation (numbering 78) who in spite of ruin on every hand, the devastation and poverty consequent of the War Between the States, dared to undertake, and under the guiding hand of Divine Providence accomplished, what under existing circumstances seemed a Herculean undertaking.

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