Happy Easter in store For St. Peters Church;
Parish is 122 Years Old

Happy Easter in store - St. Peters Episcopal

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St. Peter's Episcopal Church
To Celebrate by Paying Off Debt

St. Peter's Episcopal Church celebrated its 122nd anniversary in April 1944. The first church building was begun in May, 1822 when two merchants, a banker, a farmer, a school teacher, a politician, a saddler and a gentleman visiting in town met together and formed a congregation to be attached to the Protestant Episcopal Church. That church was St. Peter's Episcopal Church which stood on Main Street. It was burned with the town in the fire of 1864. The present structure was completed in 1873 and the parish house began in 1926. During its 122 years, St. Peter's Church has played a prominent role in the life of the city of Washington and many distinguished citizens have come from among its membership.

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