Hurricane Ione
Hurricane Deals Crops Heavy Blow In Area
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Hurricane Deals Crops Heavy Blow In Area

Washington and Beaufort County began the task of surveying storm damage as officials began making trips and tabulating what was expected to be in surpass the figures of Hurricanes Connie and Diane. Damages were considerable, according to reports from all areas in Washington. In Washington, trees were downed, power lines faltered in many places, water rushed into many homes, basements were flooded and added damage occurred to already heavily hit crops, many awnings were blown down, and general havoc took place over all over the area. Top left: Looking South from the county bridge an automobile is stopped at the edge of the water, the driver considering whether to risk driving through the water or not. Several large trucks and "ducks" could get through alright, but the road was closed to traffic for the day. Top middle: Looking East on Fifth Street at John Small School where the waters completely cover the streets and sidewalks. Top right: Travis Stepps wades in knee-deep water in front of Reid's Drug Store on South Market Street. The water is just before reaching the windows at Dudley's market in the background. Bottom left: A State Highway truck is shown in the process of turning around at the intersection of John Small Avenue and Fifth Street where high water inundated the entire area. Bottom middle: the buoy tender "Verbena" is shown riding high at her berth with a small auxiliary boat at her stern. In the foreground the top of a piling is just visible. Bottom right: A delivery truck lumbers through high water on Fifth Street looking west toward Gladden.