George Hubbard Brown memorial

George Hubbard Brown memorial
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This pamphlet is written in memory of George Hubbard Brown was born in Washington, North Carolina, on May 3rd, 1850, and died on March 16, 1926. His heredity and family relationship are associated with the town of Washington and Beaufort County. His parents were Sylvester T. and Elizabeth (Bonner) Brown. His paternal ancestors bore an honorable part in the war of the Revolution, among them Captain George Hubbard, whose name he bore, and General Thomas Holliday. On his maternal side he was descended from James Bonner, the founder of the town of Washington, prior to the Revolution. Brown received his law license in 1872 and married Laura Ellison Lewis on December 17, 1874. In 1889, he was appointed a Judge of the Superior Court. Fifteen years later (1904), he was elected as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the State. Brown was re-elected in 1912. At the end of his second term, after sixteen years of distinguished service, he declined a re-nomination and retired at the close of 1920. After retirement, Judge Brown resolved not to resume the active practice of law. Much of his leisure was spent in the library.