Now and Then

Now and Then
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John Bragaw, ( February 12, 1879 - December 19, 1960), was born in Washington, North Carolina, the son of the late John G. Bragaw, Sr. and Annie Cambreleng Hoyt Bragaw. He lived in Washington all of his 76 years and was noted for his column, "Now and Then". Ashley Futrell, retired late editor of the Washington Daily News, stated in the April 10, 1955, Washington Daily News article that honored Bragaw as "Tarheel of the Week", that when Bragaw was asked to write a column for the Daily News, he replied that he didn't know whether he could keep one going, but said he'd try it. Since he wasn't sure how regular the column would be, he named it "Now and Then." For thirty-two years he served as a columnist, writing "Now and Then" for the Washington Daily News never missing a deadline, according to Futrell. "In his columns he would sometimes clip poetry or tell some tall story or even describe some local or humorous event. He might even make an appeal or tell of some practical joke recently pulled on him". According to Futrell, "He seldom went for the "deep stuff" and his readers awaited his column eagerly each day. He had the power to make the thorn as pretty as the rose." This is merely a small collection of the many columns Bragaw wrote throughout the years.