Trace of property transfers

Trace of property transfers
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Beginning in September 30, 1826, there were several entries in the Beaufort County Deed Book for properties transferred to Hull Anderson. A hand drawn map of Washington, North Carolina, is also included that depicts the transfers to and from Hull. It also lists several lots purchased by Mr. Anderson in and around Washington, NC from various sellers including William A. Blount, Bryan Grimes, James O. Williams, Frederick Grist, Grove Wright, Anthony Urban, James Wilson, David C. Freeman. The map gives a list of property sold by Mr. Anderson to various individuals: David C. Freeman, John T. Davis, Matilda S. Marsh, and Ann P. Marsh, James Avent and Edward Hyman. Hull appointed George N. Gregory as his Power of Attorney in 1814 to take possession of several tracts of land he owned in Beaufort County. A notation on May 5, 1977 states that Mr. John C. Rodman reported to Mrs. Ysobel Litchfield that Edward Rodman told him that a number of years ago his father, Mr. William B. Rodman, received a letter from a lawyer in Liberia representing the heirs of Hull Anderson. It is assumed that since Hull Anderson had left Beaufort County; therefore, his property was sold for nonpayment of taxes.