Beaufort County Community College Library

Accessing Databases Off Campus

Remote access is obtaining admission to all NCLIVE, CREDO, and STAT!Ref  resources from a location other than the Beaufort County Community College campus. A password assigned to the Beaufort County College Library by these vendors' staff will permit campus users to connect to these resources from home or any other location.

Licenses with database vendors permit remote access to all products.  The licenses require member libraries to authenticate all remote access users.  Implicit in the agreements is the understanding that remote access is available only to individuals.  Remote access is not available to corporate and other libraries. Authorized users are faculty, staff, and students at BCCC.

Be sure to carefully read and understand the restrictions described. 

        Your passwords are for your use only and may not be shared with other individuals. 

        Remote access is provided to students, faculty, and staff who are registered borrowers at Beaufort County Community College Library.   including work-related research. 

        Passwords will expire every periodically

Distance Learning students (NCIH, Online) may utilize this resource. To obtain a library card and the passwords, email Penny Sermons at Fax # 252 946 9575.

I agree to follow the above procedures.

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