"Hotel Elsie", Bath

Unidentified house, with sign in left background that states "Hotel 'Elsie' E. S. Marsh, Jr., Prop". Elderly man in a two seat buggy pulled by a single horse seated in front of clapboard frame building on the edge of a dirt road. Man appears to be holding a photograph of an individual in his hand, facing the camera. House in rear of photograph appears to be Archbell-Sayer House, on corner of Carteret and Bowen Street, Bath. b/w 4.75x8

"Hotel Elsie", Bath

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Subject - North Carolina, Bath,
Marsh family, 20th century, Archbell-Sayer House

Printed on reverse:  A. P. CO. J. C. Webb, Prop. Washington, NC. Photograph and support have been ripped down center of photograph and repaired front and back with cellophane tape that has yellowed. This building may be in Belhaven, according to Bea Latham.

Photographer - J.C. Webb
Date - early 20th century - guessed based on horse and buggy