Historic Photographs of Bath
Old Bath High School
The Marion

Main Street in Bath, Facing North
Main Street in Bath, Facing South
St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Bath - not available
Bath Creek Bridge
View Toward Bath Monument, Facing West
Pamticough Filling Station at Bath Creek Bridge - not available
Home and Store of T.A. Brooks in Bath - not available
The Williams (Glebe) House on Main Street in Bath - not available
St. Thomas Episcopal Church HB.04.0011
St. Thomas Episcopal Church HB.04.0012
People in Period Dress at St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Swartzells and Brooks's in Period Dress
St. Thomas Congregation in Period Dress
Diane Petway as Penelope Eden
Group Shot of Adults in Period Dress
Adults in Period Dress on Bath Creek
Governor Luther Hodges at Kirby Grange Barbeque
St. Thomas Episcopal Church - West Facade
St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Interior View of Alter Area
Queen Anne's Bell, St. Thomas Church
Bonner House, South Facade
"Hotel Elsie", Bath ?
Marsh's Inn 1900, Belhaven
Marsh's Inn Belhaven
Town Marker in Bath, dedicated in 1924
Rev. Nathaniel Harding
Costumed Interpreter and Visitor Center Construction
Dedication of Visitor Center at Historic Bath
St. Thomas Episcopal Church 1998
Palmer-Marsh House Double Chimneys
Palmer-Marsh House Interior
Main Street in Bath, Facing South
Main Street in Bath, Facing South Near Bonner Point
Main Street Bath in the Snow
Daisy Chain at Bath High School Graduation 1929
Esso Station in Bath
Bath High School Graduation 1929
Tennis Team at Bath