Palmer-Marsh House Interior

Interior shot of second floor of Palmer-Marsh House. Camera facing east, with photographer standing in hall, with shot showing views into two eastern bedchambers and stair to attic at left. Hand labeled on photograph is "Second Floor of The Marsh House - 1744 - Bath, N.C. 3-2-75". b/w 3 1/2 x 5 3/8

Palmer-Marsh House Interior

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Subject - Palmer-Marsh House, Bath, N.C., early 20th century

Printed on reverse: Printed as a postcard on glossy photographic paper. Has not been sent through the mail or written upon. Reverse printed with words "PHOTO POST CARD" and "Address" and "Kodak Papers. Place stamp here". Believe date on front of photograph to be date of postcard production, not date photograph was taken, since house has not been restored in this photograph.

Photographer - Unknown
Date - 20th Century - circa