Palmer-Marsh House Double Chimneys

Double-pent chimneys of Palmer-Marsh House with camera facing west. b/w, 4 x 5 7/8.

Palmer-Marsh House Double Chimneys

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Subject - Palmer-Marsh House, Bath, N.C., early 20th century

Printed on reverse: Appears to have been printed as a souvenir piece. cardboard support has caption at lower edge "The old Colonial Building once used as the Capitol Building of North Carolina at Bath, N.C., 1705"., Printed on reverse with a lengthy and detailed historical sketch of the Palmer-Marsh House and with a photograph of the west facade of the house. Printed at base of reverse: "Photographed and Published by T. R. Draper, Bath, N.C." Both front and back photographs are glued to the cardboard support

Photographer - Thomas Draper
Date - Circa 1910